The global economy, social and politics are continuing to be unstable, resulting from a worldwide economic slowdown. Therefore, Kulthorn Kirby Public Company Limited is experiencing a sharp fall of our business in the past two years while still fully expecting to recover in the near future.

Our Board of Director and Executive Management team are striving to exploit the methodologies and approaches to strengthen the Company in this challenging situation. The Company has embraced several keys investmentsto lower the production cost, invested in automation and semi-automation processes to ultimately improve our outputs and productivities. Employing a number of industrial experts from abroad to assist and transfer knowledge and knowhow of technology. The newly enhanced SAP systems are underway to better achieve our production processes, and precise management. This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

In retrospect, the Company will be able to control cost structure, improve productivity and be in a better position to compete in the market. We are continually making higher quality motor compressors whilemaintaining green environmental processes to serve our customers.

The Company values our customers, shareholders, Board of Director including our financial institute supports. The Company would like reiterate our thanks to the Executive Management and every fellow team member across all departments who dedicate their hardworking professions to our success.

Mr Sumeth Simakulthorn
Chairman of the Board of Directors