The company was established on the 24th of March 1980. The grand opening was on the 13th of January 1982, which was over thirty five years ago. The company has grown from a small company with sales of Baht 110 million and approximately 500 employees. At the present, the company and its subsidiaries have total sales of Baht 8,665.89 million with approximately 5,000 employees. In recent years, the business of manufacturing and sales of reciprocating motor compressors has faced intense competition from Chinese manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers have production capacity which exceeds the total demand of the world. This has adversely impacted manufacturers in the industry. This impact was felt to the company with decreased sales of the company from 2015 approximated Baht 10,544.38 million to Baht 8,665.89 million in 2016, a decrease of Baht 1,878.49 million or 17.82%. However, the company was able to remain profitable through cost reduction and production improvement initiatives.

The company insists to maintain a business policy of manufacturing motor compressor with sustainable growth through their research and development of energy-saving and environmentally-conscious products at an international standard. In addition, the product will be at a competitive price, with on time delivery that can be responsive to market demand and at the highest levels of satisfaction for customers and all stakeholders with good governance.

The company would like to sincerely thank the directors who gave recommendations for on-going improvement. Additionally, we would like to thank the customers, suppliers, government entities and the financial institutions for their continued support. We should also recognize the company management team and the staffs, all of whom are devoted to excellence and hard work. Please be confident that the company will pro-actively manage the company to achieve the goals for the highest benefit of all stakeholders, shareholders, employees and all supporters.

Mr. Suraporn Simakulthorn